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See yourself learning to

master riding and

forming a partnership

with a horse…

The basics of horsemanship are the same for any breed or event. Once you master them, you can broaden your horizons to anything you want to do. Our program is an ideal way to learn because it is based upon forming a partnership with the horse. We have purposely designed a laid back environment, for the very beginner to the most advanced horseperson, so that you can be sure you’ll feel comfortable here.

First and foremost, we will cover safety! Horses have so much to offer us, but none of that matters if we are not safe. So, from the very beginning, I will show you how to be safe with horses and we will always, no matter how far you (and I) progress, follow safe practices. Of course, as with any sport, accidents can happen. But by working with very safe, quiet, trained horses and never forgetting to practice safe common sense horsemanship, we can greatly reduce and eliminate injury.

Safety always comes first in working with horses.Confidence and safety come from a thorough knowledge and understanding of horses, how they think and why they react the way they do. At Spur On Farm, that knowledge starts in the round pen. (A round pen is just what it sounds like a round…pen. It is a small fenced in area, in which we work with our horses loose without holding on to them.) In the round pen you will learn how to read a horse’s body language, how to control him with your body language and begin to form a team on the ground.

Here’s just a
few highlights of what you’ll learn in your first lessons:

As you progress you’ll learn:


Upon participating in the program, you’ll have the in depth knowledge you need to go fast or slow, ride in precision events, speed events, jumping- English, Western or trail ride- and be safe and in control at any level you aspire to reach for. Plus, our program teaches you not only to ride but how to care for horses.


So “earn your spurs”, master the basics and keep progressing, so you can have deeper friendships and bonds with horses, along with greater control and finally mastery of the art of horsemanship.


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Learn to master riding and form a partnership with a horse!
horse riding lessons
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western horse riding lessons
western horse riding lessons

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western horse riding lessons

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western horse riding lessons
western horse riding lessons
western horse riding lessons